The Guitar Maker

Sunny Tuladhar, guitar player for Atmoic Bush, Elysium and currently for The Shadows playing some licks at his room. As fantastic a guitar player Sunny is, he is also an awesome “custom” guitar maker. Undoubtedly, a pride of the non-mainstream scene in Kathmandu.

Sunny (Click to Enlarge)

Sunny (Click to Enlarge)

Photo for an ongoing documenatry project for ktmROCKS ( )


6 thoughts on “The Guitar Maker

  1. ooops really nervous coz im talking to a real luthier I guess..well Im just a beginner hasn,t been long since i started making guitars..So…Im 23 years old.I have been playing guitar for the last 9 years n was always interested in mending n stuff so started with refretting some guitars then i made my first guitar in june 2008.Im still trying to make more guitars.not able to give all the time coz except this I play with bands n teach at The British school that’s my story..really appreciate ur response

  2. Hi Sunny,
    Thanks for the message.
    Glad to hear that you play as well, it’s very handy when you get to try out your own guitars. I’m from musical background too and have come to guitar making via the guitar playing route.
    As well as making I spend much time repairing and setting up customer instruments. It’s vital that you can appreciate an instrument from the player/owners perspective and that can only be achieved by playing to a good standard.
    Are you based in Nepal, what do you teach?

  3. Sunny Dai…..Im interested in making guitars as well……..How much budget is required to buy the required equipments…….

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