From Inside Safa Tampoo

Safa Tampo rules. It’s less crowed. It’s battery-operated, thus it can be charged through some solar-mechanism as well. (There are also some operated by cooking-gas.) It’s cheaper than micro-buses. It’s more comfortable than mini-buses. And it’s slow, real slow – which means, good for taking pictures from inside.

If you are not worried about getting to your destination on time, I recommend this ride. This one’s from Lagenkhel – Thapathai – New Baneshwor – Koteshwor – Satdobato – Lagenkhel.

click the pics to enlarge


7 thoughts on “From Inside Safa Tampoo

  1. These pics are as-is right from the camera. I didn’t even do Ctrl+Shift+L this time, which is what I usually do first. Well, there are some distortions, aren’t there !!

  2. i rediscovered my camera yesterday and did exactly the same thing…we’ve got connections!!!!!! =P..EXCEPT they aren’t as clear or as crisp or as blah blah blah…as yours …hehehe =D hmpfff..i love my point and shoot….! =P

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