Invaders Must Die

I had an interesting conversation (confrontation) with a Buddhist person (he looked so) that day. I was revolving that prayer “mana” the other way.  The “wrong” way.

He comes along, indignant, and blurts – that’s not the way to revolve it.
I said – there’s no such rule, I want to revolve it this way!
He was adamant –  yeah there are rules.
I added – buddhism is not about rules.
He was still adamant – there are going to be bad consequences.
I wanted to continue – yes, I’m feeling “peace” within me.

The guy probably had enough of me. He walked away.

Someday, I worry that my big mouth might land my ass on trouble. Those Buddhists, especially those Tibetan looking ones living around Swoyambhu, Baudha and Ekantakuna, are some mean-looking scary ones!

More pics…


3 thoughts on “Invaders Must Die

  1. ”..
    I saw
    what I had to to
    and did as much of it
    as I could.
    I leave
    the rest of it
    to you”

    Let those sentiments never be yours.

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