London Bridge

A little bit of photoshop does no harm, sometimes ! The London Bridge, made of bamboo and hay, displayed at an art exhibition near the historic city of Panauti in Kavre district.

This whole month, Panauti is observing a so called mega-mela called Makkar Mela, which is organized on every 12 years. Hindu devotees take this as a once in a life time chance to visit this place, take a dip on the river at Tribeni ghat and absolve all their sins, they believe so.

Indra, the King of Gods, was once cursed by a rishi for deceiving him and his gorgeous wife and having sex with her. Due to rishi’s curse, Indra grew one thousand vagina all over his body (shit, hahahahaha, what a story Hindu scriptures are full with) and thus to get rid of that curse, Indra had to undergo fasting for 12 years at this very place.

If Indra can lose all those vaginas, why can’t Hindus omit all their sins. Go for it !

Apparently, this is not the London Bridge, it’s called the Tower Bridge (Thanks to Shreya). Never knew that! Blame all those posters of this bridge we’ve seen since our childhood.

[Note: I have nothing to do with those “automatically generated posts” – wordpress atti hero bhako !]


5 thoughts on “London Bridge

    I love the part bout Indras Vaginas. WHo wouldnt???
    Bet HE could friend Tiger Woods for sure..
    ANyways, Nice pic dai.

    • hahaha.. well, it depends. Perverted or Educational – but the Hindu scriptures Ramayan, Mahabhara, Swasthani are full of this sort of perverted incidents, that too committed by the so called Gods ! Again, looking this from another angle – those Gods too were not infallible when it comes to “sex”.

      I’m not subscribing to any religion but in many ways Hinduism is way better than Buddhism, Christianity or Islam – because at least Hinduism talks about this phenomenon, the human nature, the animal instinct. Even the Gods “experiment” with this instinct, this desire.

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