Jinbabaad Murdabaad

Sunny’s guitar almost look like some exaggerated version of Steve Vai’s or even Michael Angelo Batio’s weird guitars. Since Sunny also makes custom guitars, I think he should also give it a try making a double neck or triple neck guitars.

Anyways, multi exposure shots are fun because in some ways the output is quite spectacular and unusual, sometimes completely ridiculous too. I tried with mostly three multi shots during this gig: Jindabaad!!! live at Long Alley, Lazimpat on Feb 14.

This was also my first experience at using a strobe – an external flash unit, also the first time I was using a wide lens for a gig photos. I think I’m gonna get addicted to strobes eventually.

Anyways, awesome band and awesome music, just made it perfect for me to bang my head, ripple with the grooves and take some photos. Just the way I wanted it to be. Plus, awesome close friends and beer !!

If you didn’t know about this supergroup Jindabaad yet, you can check out their Facebook Page for details. [Jindbaad Page]

And if you are in no hurry, take a look at the whole Jinbabaad!!! gallery at ktmROCKS’s flickr profile.
[Jindabaad Galley]


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