Almost Intense Gig

I’m not much of a fan of punk music nor a fan of Rai Ko Ris. But last night, they had some surprises. The band played three different sets – a punk rock set, a set with just drums, guitars and vocals and a ska set featuring some other musicians.

The second set is what I enjoyed the most. It was something I had never heard before with Sarina Rai playing guitar in the most eclectic and psychedelic way but somehow sounding strongly punk. Oliver’s drumming was just brilliant.. lots of fills, rolls – and amazing jazz-like dynamics.

Their ska set was kind of fun and enjoyable, but I normally prefer faster ska like those awesome French band Ska-P.

Ok, now there lied the problem. They seemed like forever on the stage and it was pretty evident that Jindabaad were gonna have to cut short their set list. And that part sucked about the gig.

Jindabaad performed their now “hit” song Rewind, Shades of You and Electronic (originally Sunny Tuladhar’s song) and played a new original. I was expecting them to play NIN’s 1,000,000 and their another original Racist but the cops showed up and “reminded” everybody that it was way past the hour.

Jindabaad’s new original had a lot of Pink Floyd to Porcupine Tree influences and I suppose its safe to say that it was a pure mind-fuck. They guys should be getting to the studios soon to record their EP. Can’t wait.


All the pics are here at ktmROCKS’s flickr account.
Rai Ko Ris


6 thoughts on “Almost Intense Gig

  1. Ohoo.. sunny tuladhar live. Electric! Damn. Sounds like a super-fun gig from your description. Yeso video sideo share garam na.

    • They played that song last time as well.. and I’m sure Sajal had it in her camera. Uslai “upload gara na” bhannu paryo.

  2. th enew original was really a total mind-fuck!!!…aim still havin some neck ache!!..after so long i wanted to tap my head to feet so oddly and with certain jerks involved haha!!…..breath in …breath out!………………

  3. umes dai, just to clarify. the cops were there because some moron dropped a beer bottle at Long Alley and threw a broken glass down the veranda that injured a guy. it wasn’t way past the hour. Long Alley had said that we could play till 11:00pm and the schedule for the bands was timed accordingly.

    • Hey sampreety thanks for clarifying. Why would morons show up at gigs and ruin the whole thing for everyone else !

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