Funny Guitar Workshop

If guitar workshops were always funny like this one, I would always attend em. Eric Foerster is a funny guy. He must be a pretty good enough guitar player (but Kingdom Come is not really the type of band i would listen to) but some of his “tips” during the workshop were unusually funny. Condescendingly. Funny. Like when he almost “humiliated” Sunny Tuladhar’s playing style.

Hopefully, others learned something from the workshop. I just remember his sexist jokes.


6 thoughts on “Funny Guitar Workshop

    • oh, forgot to add caption to the photo. he was explaining different positions a guitarist can stand so as to avoid any back pain. a common yet useful tip i guess.

  1. Super-sexist. Hated how he talked like there were no girls present in the workshop and kept giving examples on “how to impress a girl” and shit.
    Was entertaining, though. Sometimes annoyingly.

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