Antim Grahan Promo Shot

Antim Grahan is undoubtedly one of the best metal bands in the history of Nepal’s underground scene. Lucky for me, I have had a great pleasure of knowing the band and the members right from their starting days. Plus, we, me and AG guys, instantly developed a unique bond which is beyond any friendship and brotherhood.

The photo shoot this time was a “hit and miss” with us because we were really not sure about the location. We had also planned of doing it on a stark day light under strong sun. But it turned out to be a bit cloudy day, almost threatening to our plans of outdoor shooting, nevertheless it went good.

Then by some chance, we stumbled into this abandoned stone-crusher site and despite strong obscene smell of human/animal waste inside, we nailed some shots in this tunnel like structure.

And, here’s the other one:

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Antim Grahan Facebook Page


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