I Bleed Hate

Here’s my directorial debut, Antim Grahan’s music video for “I Bleed Hate” from their upcoming album Putrefaction Eternity.

It’s a straight “practice-room” style video, no fancy concepts nor any stories behind the video. We used Nikon’s D90 with 11-16mm and 35mm lenses, yes it was done with a DSLR but not a movie camera. Cramped room, with dhaan-kutne machine, three lights, five hours of shooting and ungodly heat.

Both me and my editor had only basic knowledge on using Premier so we edited the video probably the most primitive way. With no prior knowledge of film-making (I was actually doing this as a photo-shoot project) nor fancy editing, I think, we pulled it off quite nicely. I can see hundreds of mistakes, bad camera movements, lousy camera angles and child-like editing on parts – but what the heck !!!


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