Sanity Requiem

Suffocating Self Portraits:

I wish it was less cloudy this evening !

Okay, I know, for so many people into photography (I don’t quite like the word – photographer) this flash-trick is pretty clear and don’t really need any explanation.

But I’ve been getting a lot of questions from guys recently in photography – about how this was done. So I’m writing here how I did it. If you already know this technique (steps), you might still suggest me better ways to achieve it.

Scene: It’s fairly dark, a bit past the evening but not totally dark.
Shutter Speed and Aperture: 20 secs at 7.1 stops.
ISO: 200
Flash Mode: Rear Sync (this is very important)
I’m using 11-16mm with Nikon D80, SB800 flash and RF602 flash-triggers.
A torch light.
And, a tripod, which is a MUST for this kind of shooting. I don’t have a tripod so I used a chair and another small chair on top of the first one.

So, here’s what I did.

For the first photo, I set the timer on so that I could relax and set myself up in front of the camera. I also had my torch ready. Then when the shutter opened, I lit the torch and started making random circles over my head – that’s for around 15 secs. Since I had set the exposure for 20 secs, I had time to turn off the torch and do the yoga posture. And, at the end of 20 secs, the flash (which I had kept on the floor) got fired and thus the shot was taken.
I did it for three times because I was not really happy with the light-trail over my head.

For the second photo, the trick is almost similar. I just didn’t use the torch this time, instead did a regular standing pose. I placed the flash high and on right side of the camera. I angled the camera towards the moon, and clicked the Shutter Release button. Then stayed behind the camera for 15 seconds for it to get the exposure of moon/cloud/scene and then I dashed in front of the camera and posed. And, again, at the end of 20 secs, the flash got fired and thus the photo.

I hope this one sounds simple enough for some of you guys who are just new into photography. If you don’t have any external flash, don’t worry, your inbuilt camera flash can also do a lot of stuffs like these.

And, use photoshop whenever you have to.


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