Band Shoot: Hatebook

Shooting Hatebook at the Pashupatinath Temple premises was not a coincidence at all. I thought it would be quite ironical (blasphemous might be the word) to shoot a death metal band’s portrait against the backdrop and ambience of Hindu’s most revered god’s abode. I was quite excited about it, I’m sure, so was the band.

Throughout the day, I was planning to do this shoot under evening light but somehow we got there when it was already dark, and thus had to adjust to whatever we had in front of us. Lesson of the day: improvise !

And, with apologies and respect for the deceased one and his/her relatives.  The fire (cremation) and the light falling on Bagmati river was just too precious to miss.


6 thoughts on “Band Shoot: Hatebook

  1. I think now I am bored of your angles. You seem obsessed with Low Wide and Top wide shot.Variation is lacking.Lighting is crappy. Creativity is fading away. Try to work more on your lighting.Also a little bit of makeup on the band members would do wonders.

    • Cool, thanks for the kick on the butt ! But just like you have pointed out.. I’m obsessed with these compositions right now. And about the lighting, I am no Dan Winters, I know it.

  2. You are a good photographer indeed.Cause you have this power of taking criticism,and it is a great thing. Best of Luck,I’ll be tuned into your work!

    • Thanks man. And I’m seriously trying to do something different with the few bare equipments that I have. I never knew hobby could be this pain in the ass, and in the pocket.

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