Band Shoot: Rage Hybrid

Rage Hybrid is a rising metal-core band from Kathmandu. These guys put a great show everytime they play.


7 thoughts on “Band Shoot: Rage Hybrid

  1. Ya Dis guys Fucking rocks at every concert and I like the way u perform Keep it up guys…..
    stay Metal and Tune Metal last Metal RUlez \,,/

  2. no doubt u guys put a great show. i have seen u guys perform like monsters but the only thing that bothers me is your music sounds a total copy of other bands. well i can understand ur influences but making a exact copy…. well u guys should think about it. keep metal alive….

  3. You people were really awosomoe…

    Guys you got pottential to kick the ass of audience..

    make self power and be fucking loud !! \,,/

  4. I have seen your videos in youtube, its hard to forget
    where we can get your mp3 and audio songs.

    im syodesh from pokhara
    you guys should visit pokhara ok

  5. I am surprised at the way people seem to perceive me, and sometimes I read stories and hear things about me and I go “ugh.” I wouldn’t like her either. It’s so unlike what I think I am or what my friends think I am.

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