Antim Grahan Poster

This is for all the Antim Grahan fans and supporters !!!

This particular band shoot is almost certainly the most interesting shoot for me (and the band) till now – obviously because of the ‘blood’ factor. However, as the shooting day approached, nervousness was all around. The first hurdle, getting the fake blood formula right – and the second (tougher) hurdle, getting the guys to take their tops off.

We even romanticized about using real blood, preferably buffalo’s or pig’s but the idea seemed too ludicrous when we realized that real blood dries really fast and it smells like hell. Plus, getting buffalo blood from the butcher’s seemed a lot of hassle. Eventually, we resorted to using fake blood and after numerous google-searches and experiments, I found a ‘working’ fake blood-formula. Red ink, sugar, flour and chocolate syrup. Yeah, that’s it.

Well, the blood looked like blood and the guys did put on a good pose as usual. And, the poster also did come out great.

A major reason for me today, to be really happy about.

Nikon D80, Tokina 11-16mm
Exposure 1/200 sec at F/9 and ISO 200
SB800 at 1/4 held camera left – very high


9 thoughts on “Antim Grahan Poster

  1. babbal cha…pachadi ko dai ko stomach chai ali larage dekyo…blood combination pani dammi cha…
    arko photo kaile aucha..

  2. I really like the photo. Id disagree with the person above who says they couldn’t pull it off. It looks great. I just can’t read the font on the bands name?

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  4. Pingback: 2010 in review « Bleak Impressions

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