Kryptos – Live in Ktm

Banglore, India

More Photos Here

Kryptos is the third band from India I’ve seen play live here in Kathmandu. And, thus I was a little skeptic.

Parikrama played some 9-8 years ago and what a waste of time they were ! The gimmick (that’s what I heard) was the band could play Pink Floyd better than the Pink Floyd themselves. Haha. Parikrama was an all-cover band and totally disappointing. The next one I saw was Agni – which was quite better than Parikrama. They also played cover songs ranging from Megadeth to Nirvana to Deep Purple but they also had some pretty solid original songs.

Kryptos, even though a little “old school” for my liking, was however more better than I had expected. An all original set full of mid-paced thrash with a lot of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest influences. Totally enjoyed the band.


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