Suvaprabhat ~ sleek hands

This is Prabhat Manandhar, guitarist/vocalist for Electrix, a Thamel based band. Five/six years before, he used to play guitars with then-promising rock band Elysium (along with Sunny Tuladhar and Rajan Shrestha who are right now in Jindabaad!!!) and his playing was smoking hot. He was developing a unique guitar playing style, a mix of Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan – and the band disbanded for some unknown reasons, and Prabhat stayed away from outdoor concerts for a long time. Since then, I’ve just seen him play for a couple of times with his new band. Even though the music he plays these days could be described as pop/rock and alternative rock, Prabhat’s guitar playing is still something to experience live. [Not a fan of his vocals 🙂 ]

He’s a virtuoso at heart, and hopefully he brings his old playing style back to the front.

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