Band Shoot: Rock Sitar

ROCK SITAR is fronted by Nepal’s ‘the’ most prolific sitar player Bijay Vaidhya. He’s been also long associated with SUR SUDHA, one of the most popular sitar-flute-tabala trios playing Eastern Classical Music. (Their Dashain-tune is still popular, I guess.) Anyways, ROCK SITAR, Vaidya’s new band featuring Nikhil Tuladhar on drums, Suren Lama on guitars, Deepak Shakya on bass and Pratap KC, just released three albums (yes 3 at the same time) this April, 2011.

Check out the band’s website [ ], you can download some of their stuffs and also watch vidoes which will give general idea about how the band sounds like.

(Photo taken inside Patan Museum, Lalitpur)

B/W Version:


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