HDR Attempt: Garudh the guardian

My inspiration: Trey Ratcliff. This guy is awesome, not just as a photographer but also as a human. He likes to SHARE* his photos, his techniques and his HDR secrets. After spending countless of hours on his website (www.stuckincustoms.com) and trying to understand his philosophy and technique to take/make HDR images, I thought I would start trying my own.

Hopefully, someday, I would be able to capture as stunning photos as Trey does.

This one is at Hiranya Narayan Temple, near Thapathali Kathmandu. I took three exposures, hand held, as I don’t have any tripod (yet). Processed in Photomatix and then edited the tonemapped one in Photoshop.

*Here in Nepal, I know several so called “photographers” who never really like to ‘SHARE’ their technique or tips. They look down on new young guys doing it (and making it) and they frown a lot. Plus, usually on their photos, one will see big semi-transparent “copyright” and they will leave “All Rights Reserved” blah blah notes below the photos. Funny people.


4 thoughts on “HDR Attempt: Garudh the guardian

  1. is this possible through normal camera or we need SLR camera for HDR .. i was also watching some of the tutorial by Trey Ratcliff on HDR..since i dont have slr is it possible through normal one..

    • I have no idea if normal (compact)cameras can take multiple exposures/auto bracketing but the new 3G cameras/mirrorless (Fuji x100) can take photos in RAW and can do autobracketing as well.

      • thanx ,… cant we do with JPEG …coz may camera can take multiple exposures but cant take photos in RAW..btw im using Sony cyber shot camera..

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