HDR Attempt: Dream Bike

Near a pani-puri shop in Patan where I go often, this bike was standing there ready to be clicked.

Dream Bike

And, here’s another pov.

Dream Bike


2 thoughts on “HDR Attempt: Dream Bike

  1. Great picture mesh.. I like the first picture better, like the crop even though the subject is belittled by the building. You used a wide angle here but I am scratching my head, which lens? Some photoshop? Building is distorted, bike is straight. Even if wide angle, you are clearly not close to the subject. Would be glad if you could edify..

  2. Hi,
    I use Tokina 11-17mm 2.8, It’s always at 11.
    Yes definitely some photoshop (selective color etc) and perspective crop.
    The building is almost stooping.. and thus the visual chaos.. I had to choose either to straighten up the building or straighten up the bike. I did it for the bike and the building got distorted !

    Thanks for posting the comment, cheers.

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