Bleak Works:

Umes Shrestha
Based on: Kathmandu, Nepal


I love metal and hardcore music (plus few other genres) and love taking photos of such bands. I’ve always been inspired by the music I listen to and thus music is a big part of my photography.

My photos have been published in major national dailies and magazines like:

The Kantipur
The Kathmandu Post
Rajhdhani Daily
Reporter Weekly
Nepal Vision (Denmark)
Close Up (Sweden)


ktmROCKS is my main project (thus the watermark on band/concert photos)
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/umesbw
ktmROCKS Facebook Profile: http://www.facebook.com/ktmrocks.page



[All these photos are copyleft material. You can copy, save, tag, use, print or sell these photos if you want. But, it would be nice of you if you informed me before/after using any of the photos.]


33 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi,
    thanks for visiting and great to know there is someone doing concert photography as far as Nepal. I was there (in Nepal) about 18 months ago, I love your country… and you Nepali people.

    keep in touch,

  2. Just to let you know, I stole one of your photos!
    Tell me if you want it back!

    I need to come back again to truly appreciate your other works. Keep your good work!

  3. Umesh jii..thats wat I call u..knew u had sth different in you the first day I met u…yes I observed the letter T that day..hmm she must b a lucky one coz u rnt in hollywood..M probably yr greatest A.C till date..Like the way u smile n hide wat u r..

  4. Dont know the right technical word for photography but most of the pics are in almost same angles and effects..is it based on some theme or nature of the band??I like Urs Sirs” pic as well..since I belong to a different world pls enlighten meh with so called photography..U dont like the term though…yr pics are jus too fab..n yr perception regarding the same gives breath to them..atleast I could associate the presence of whosoever r ther or sumtimes even actually hear the music being performed live..U r jus like dikhaway pay maat jaoo aapne aakal lagao..spellbound again.

    • Well, I love these angles and dark themes which generally suit the band portraits.. and it’s also because of the wide lens I use so frequently. I just don’t post my ‘other’ types of photos on this blog, may be that’s why. I’ll elaborate more when we meet, okay ?

  5. hello umes dai really you’ve got cool photography skills. yup loved your photos and really appreciate what you’re doing for nepali metal scene. Kep it metal. HELL YEAH

  6. Hi

    If you have high res. pics of EQUALS.. is it possible that i can use it in my project? I am a designer and i’d love to use your images since you are the only one with the quality i like/need.

    You will be credited in the project and i’ll contact the band to see if they will like it as well…
    Things i am designing for E.Quals are:
    CD Label
    CD Packaging


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