Published: Photo Feature of Silence Fest III

A full page photo feature of the Silence Fest III on the Reporter Daily.
October 15, 2012
Textures, Freak Kitchen, Near Death Condition, Jindabaad, White, Almost Human, 4 Dead in 5 Seconds, Rage Hybrid

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Published: Vader Photos on Verse

One of my favourite concert photos from 2011 (Vader’s frontman Peter showing his gratitude to the Nepali metalheads with a namaste) has been published on the Verse monthly magazine on its Dec/Jan issue. Taking Vader’s band portrait was also a great experience, as I was literally shaking and speechless getting to see Vader, especially Peter, in person.

The magazine can also be read/downloaded online.
Here’s the link.

vader, verse, ktmrocks, bleak impressions

vader, verse, ktmrocks, bleak impressions

Published: Silence Fest II Photos on Reporter

This year’s Silence Festival has engraved a golden page in the history of Nepal’s underground metal scene – as the event was headlined by Polish death metal legend VADER. It was a day of reckoning for metalheads in Kathmandu as VADER blasted the show for over an hour, playing songs from their first album “The Ultimate Incantation” to their latest “Welcome to the Morbid Reich”. Peter, the band’s frontman, interacted with Nepali crowd nicely, roaring “Jai Nepal” after each song. Vader ended the show by covering Black Sabbath’s ever classic Black Sabbath and Slayer’s Raining Blood, and left the metal hungry audience chanting “Vader.. Vader.. Vader…”.

Before the headliners, two international acts from Switzerland Helmut and Commando Noise Terror; InnerCore from Hong Kong and bands from our Kathmandu’s metal scene – Antim Grahan, Hatebook, Kalodin and Underside gave a performance to be remembered, setting up the stage for VADER.

The event was organized by Silence Entertainment.

Published: Aimbase on The Reporter


Genre: Progressive Rock
From: Kathmandu


Kundan Shrestha – bass
Robin Neupane – drums
Karma Sherpa – vocal
Sanju Bajracharya – guitar

AimBase is a progressive rock band which rose into limelight after winning the prestigious Nepfest II this September. Formed just 11 days before the competition, the band conquered over 16 other, mostly death metal, bands and grabbed Rs 50,000 worth prize.

Influenced by progressive rock bands like Tool, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater – the band plays clean sung rock music with pleasing amount of changes in time-signature, laden with groove and funk.

With the triumph at Nepfest, the band also got the opportunity to tour to Dharan with bands Antim Grahan, Hatebook and Garudh on ktmROCKS Black Tour. On October 22, they played at the jam-packed British Community hall in Dharan, and won accolades of the fans there.

Even though the band has been around for just around two months, it has made an impressive mark in the non-mainstream scene of Kathmandu simply because of the amount of talent the members possess. These guys are students at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory and are involved in several other bands as well. Kundan has played with symphonic metalcore band Wings of Spasm and now he also plays bass for the biggest black metal band in the underground scene, Antim Grahan. Robin plays in Kites, while Karma and Sanju are involved in Goldfish Tank project.

However, their first priority is AimBase and they want to concentrate on writing more originals and very soon they plan to record an EP, with surprising amount of eastern musical influences.

Umes Shrestha

Published on Sweden’s Close Up mag

Article: Metal in Nepal by: David Noaksson
Band photos of Antim Grahan, Kalodin and Garudh by Umes Shrestha
Close Up Magazine, Sweden

David traveled to Nepal, probably during February 2011 and I had an opportunity to hang around with him on a couple of occasions. While he was here, he did a report on Nepal’s ever growing underground metal scene, talked with major constituents like Antim Grahan, Kalodin and attended two concerts – Nepfest I at Fun Park and Gig III at House of Music. He also talked with X-mantra about their past and present.

This is the first time any journalist from Western rock magazine has written this comprehensively about Nepal’s current underground scene, and covered all the musical, socio-economic aspects.

Nepal’s metal scene is gradually but definitely getting the recognition it deserves. With Polish death metal legends VADER playing here last month in Kathmandu, Freak Kitchen guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh coming here for a guitar clinic, and few more international bands showing interest to come and play here – I can definitely say that the scene here in on the rise.

Let’s support the scene, let’s support the bands and musicians !