Published: Vader Photos on Verse

One of my favourite concert photos from 2011 (Vader’s frontman Peter showing his gratitude to the Nepali metalheads with a namaste) has been published on the Verse monthly magazine on its Dec/Jan issue. Taking Vader’s band portrait was also a great experience, as I was literally shaking and speechless getting to see Vader, especially Peter, in person.

The magazine can also be read/downloaded online.
Here’s the link.

vader, verse, ktmrocks, bleak impressions

vader, verse, ktmrocks, bleak impressions


Band Shoot: Lakhey

Today was Lakhey’s first ever performance, the band opened the 13th anniversary of Kantipur FM during a program organized in Kathmandu.

Lakhey is the most unique sounding band in Nepal ever, with a genre breaking mix of Newari/Nepali ethnic instruments with crunchy metallic seven-string guitar and bass !

This ensemble is gonna make big someday soon, I somehow have the feeling.