Cobweb @ Jawalakhel

I was not planning on taking any photos that evening as I was taking their video using a friend’s iphone. But Cobweb do throw in some cover songs in between and I quickly took out my D80 wt Fisheye and clicked some shots on continuous mode. Took video of their “Maryo ni Maryo” and their Another Brick in the Wall version.



Published: Vader Photos on Verse

One of my favourite concert photos from 2011 (Vader’s frontman Peter showing his gratitude to the Nepali metalheads with a namaste) has been published on the Verse monthly magazine on its Dec/Jan issue. Taking Vader’s band portrait was also a great experience, as I was literally shaking and speechless getting to see Vader, especially Peter, in person.

The magazine can also be read/downloaded online.
Here’s the link.

vader, verse, ktmrocks, bleak impressions

vader, verse, ktmrocks, bleak impressions

Surya Pun – Invincible

Surya Pun, drummer for Antim Grahan/Define Mental – without a doubt Nepal’s most brutal drummer ever has recently started playing with another band, but as a guitarist. His new band is IMPERIUM, formed along with the members of satanic black metal band Garudh. An ace metal-drummer, turns out to be an ace guitarist as well.

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Published: Silence Fest II Photos on Reporter

This year’s Silence Festival has engraved a golden page in the history of Nepal’s underground metal scene – as the event was headlined by Polish death metal legend VADER. It was a day of reckoning for metalheads in Kathmandu as VADER blasted the show for over an hour, playing songs from their first album “The Ultimate Incantation” to their latest “Welcome to the Morbid Reich”. Peter, the band’s frontman, interacted with Nepali crowd nicely, roaring “Jai Nepal” after each song. Vader ended the show by covering Black Sabbath’s ever classic Black Sabbath and Slayer’s Raining Blood, and left the metal hungry audience chanting “Vader.. Vader.. Vader…”.

Before the headliners, two international acts from Switzerland Helmut and Commando Noise Terror; InnerCore from Hong Kong and bands from our Kathmandu’s metal scene – Antim Grahan, Hatebook, Kalodin and Underside gave a performance to be remembered, setting up the stage for VADER.

The event was organized by Silence Entertainment.

Ides of March V

On March 27, we (ktmROCKS) organized one of our yearly concerts Ides of March V. Even though late behind the schedule (and lack of any indoor venues and 12 hours power cut every day), we eventually managed to organize the gig. I always wanted to have few bands on the line up and this was it, hated it when in most of the past concerts we had to manage almost a dozen band on a single gig.

Organizing the gig and finding time to take pics would have been a pain in the ass but we were an amazing team and the whole gig went really well, plus I managed to shoot the bands, with little to worry about the management side. Thanks to all the bands, thanks to Nepal Hemophilia Society, thanks to the ktmROCKS team and thanks to all those people who showed up and gave us a great time.

Check out ktmROCKS’ flickr profile for all the photos of the gig.
Ides of March V Photos

Finding Inspiration – Mauricio Santana

I would like to share some of the photos of one of my favourite gig-photographers. He is Mauricio Santana from Brazil and covers mostly indoor gigs of hardcore and metal bands. The most amazing thing about going through his photos is how they make me feel that i’m right there in the pit.

How very lucky – to be able to photograph the bands whose music you love the most!

For more of Mauricio’s incredible concert-photography, visit his website.