Napalm Death – The Godfathers of Grindcore

The most amazing experience – to be able to see the grind-gods live – HERE IN KATHMANDU NEPAL. It was a dream come true, the dream of seeing Napalm Death live after I had watched their Live Corruption video (on VHS) almost 15 years ago. It was an absolute honor to be so close to the band, take their photos and banging my head occasionally.

More ND photos are HERE


Cobweb @ Jawalakhel

I was not planning on taking any photos that evening as I was taking their video using a friend’s iphone. But Cobweb do throw in some cover songs in between and I quickly took out my D80 wt Fisheye and clicked some shots on continuous mode. Took video of their “Maryo ni Maryo” and their Another Brick in the Wall version.


HDR Attempt: Garudh the guardian

My inspiration: Trey Ratcliff. This guy is awesome, not just as a photographer but also as a human. He likes to SHARE* his photos, his techniques and his HDR secrets. After spending countless of hours on his website ( and trying to understand his philosophy and technique to take/make HDR images, I thought I would start trying my own.

Hopefully, someday, I would be able to capture as stunning photos as Trey does.

This one is at Hiranya Narayan Temple, near Thapathali Kathmandu. I took three exposures, hand held, as I don’t have any tripod (yet). Processed in Photomatix and then edited the tonemapped one in Photoshop.

*Here in Nepal, I know several so called “photographers” who never really like to ‘SHARE’ their technique or tips. They look down on new young guys doing it (and making it) and they frown a lot. Plus, usually on their photos, one will see big semi-transparent “copyright” and they will leave “All Rights Reserved” blah blah notes below the photos. Funny people.

Surya Pun – Invincible

Surya Pun, drummer for Antim Grahan/Define Mental – without a doubt Nepal’s most brutal drummer ever has recently started playing with another band, but as a guitarist. His new band is IMPERIUM, formed along with the members of satanic black metal band Garudh. An ace metal-drummer, turns out to be an ace guitarist as well.

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