Surya Pun – Invincible

Surya Pun, drummer for Antim Grahan/Define Mental – without a doubt Nepal’s most brutal drummer ever has recently started playing with another band, but as a guitarist. His new band is IMPERIUM, formed along with the members of satanic black metal band Garudh. An ace metal-drummer, turns out to be an ace guitarist as well.

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Band Shoot: Lakhey

Today was Lakhey’s first ever performance, the band opened the 13th anniversary of Kantipur FM during a program organized in Kathmandu.

Lakhey is the most unique sounding band in Nepal ever, with a genre breaking mix of Newari/Nepali ethnic instruments with crunchy metallic seven-string guitar and bass !

This ensemble is gonna make big someday soon, I somehow have the feeling.

Vader, the mighty Vader

Watching VADER concert was a dream come true – it was a pure thrilling experience watching one of the best front men in metal. Even so, taking Vader’s concert photos was an out of world experience. This was like the whole Vision and Voice right in front of me !

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Bidroha at 135mm

I recently got a Nikon 135mm f/2.8 (almost 40 years old) as a gift from the great Kishor Kayastha and I wanted to check how well it would work for concert photography. I guess it did (but I believe I need to practice hard on using this lens and get more sharper images). Here are some photos of Bidroha taken during Youth, Stand Up for Peace Concert held on August 13, 2011 at GAA Thamel.

Here’s the photo album on FB.